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Our products provide standard-compliant lighting whenever it is needed thanks to dynamic lighting control. If a street is empty, the lights are dimmed down to a lower level. As soon as moving people or vehicles are detected, the lights are dimmed up. Our solutions offer maximum energy savings without loss of comfort, provide a significant reduction in light pollution and CO₂ emissions, and thus make an important contribution to achieving climate targets.

With our radar-based sensor solutions, you can transform any modern LED street light into a dynamic street light. We combine our smart sensors with esave‘s proven networking solution. Thanks to the full integration of lix.one SLC and lix.detect SLC into esave’s ecosystem, any combination with their components such as radio nodes or even cloud solutions is possible.

lixtec acts as a leading sensor provider for dynamic street lighting. We point the way the future with our dynamic sensor solutions.

lix.one SLC
Our Zhaga solution
lix.detect SLC
Our polemount solution
Our standalone sensor solution

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