Roundabout with "Light on Demand"

Roundabout with “Light on Demand”

Initial Situation Roundabouts are considered a safe and climate-friendly alternative to regulated intersections. A trial in Germany even showed that the installation of a roundabout at a critical location reduced …

By using demand-responsive lighting, it is possible to reduce light pollution in the newly constructed park so that light is only present when it is needed. This should have a positive effect on the flora and fauna of the surrounding area. Despite or precisely because of this variant of lighting, no road user is left in the dark, which contributes to an increased sense of safety. The advantages of situational lighting compared to conventional solutions are obvious from an economic point of view. In addition to the savings in running electricity costs, it can also be assumed that the service life of the LED lights will be extended.

Dynamic Light at a Public Park

Initial Situation Due to the constant need for new living space in Austria’s conurbations, newly created urban districts such as the Seestadt in Vienna or the Smart City in Graz …